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Impress sellers and facilitate buying decisions when you add the industry's leading measurement and floor plan technology to your Premium Property Websites.


iGuide is a complete, immersive listing solution

that offers buyers and users an incredible understanding and perception of the space.


Our system allows you to know exactly where you are inside the property at any time.  


You can download floor plans in PDF format or link to them directly from your website as well as measure the space online.


iGuide 3D Interactive Floor Plan Virtual Tours allows you to offer an interactive property experience to your clients like no other.   

How iGuide Helps the Home Buyer:


  • Smart, Interactive Floor Plans grab the interest of the buyer.

  • Rich 360 degree views provide a truly top-to-the-bottom viewing experience.

  • An on-screen measuring tool enables Buyers to measure for furniture and draperies, without stepping foot in the home. 

  • Click-and-send screen capture keeps your favorite appealing room views and design inspiration at your fingertips. 

How iGuide Helps The Realtor:

  • Gorgeously embeds into the 
    TourFactory's new Flex Tour template.

  • Provides laser-measured room dimensions that are accurate to 99.6%.

  • Our professional photography provides high-quality photos for MLS with premium editing. 

  • Save time, money, and labor cost by using this service to provide room measurements for your listings on most MLS systems.

  • Agents love that they save trips back to the SOLD home prior to closing, for buyers who want to measure a wall or 'get another look.
  • Give prospective buyers an unrivaled way to

  • experience the flow of the property.

  • Order today with your professional photography as a package.  

  • Prices start at $199. for the floor plan and 3-D Interactive video.

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