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8 Marketing Tips for Listing and Selling Luxury Homes

Tip #1 To win the listing, more than ever before, you need to know and demonstrate your value, so the Seller clearly understands your role, your professionalism, your marketing plan and your network that you bring to the table.

Tip #2   Ask any Luxury Homes listing agent in your area, Luxury Homes are always professionally photographed. You can't get the lighting, the composition, the artistry that luxury marketers get except by using professional photography. 

Tip #3   90% of decision-making is done at the subconscious level and driven by emotion. Highlighting unique features. Maybe your listing doesn't have a wine cellar, but a special architectural detail will make the difference in a sale. 

Tip #4   The difference between luxury and ordinary is cleaning (de-cluttering) and professional staging. Many luxury homes have been professionally decorated.  Make sure it is current and stylish.  

Tip #5   Luxury marketing experts use specialty photographyAerial Images give perspective on location like nothing else.  Aerial Video flying slowly around the home and outdoor entering areas invokes an emotional draw. Twilight images look very inviting. 

Tip #6   60 percent of buyers reported in a survey they prefer video and a floor plan of the home in the online presentation.  An iGuide laser floor plan captures the reality and presents it as a floor plan and walk-through video that is Virtual. Immersive. Interactive. Accurate.

Tip #7  A three-dimension interactive model made with our Matterport laser scan is perfect for homes that will be remodeled or added onto as the model can be transferred to architecture or CAD software showing exterior/interior walls and all systems for easy manipulation (Like HGTV makeovers). 

Tip #8   Global Marketing for Luxury Homes is a must!  Using TourFactory Premium Property Websites with a Showcase Global Website and a vanity website name will attract the wealth of world-wide buyers and buyers agents looking for that unique home.  This is a bargain for under $199.00 with your professional photography order. All of the photography, video and specialty services will fit beautifully in one website you can use in all your marketing. 

Call for a free, obligation free quote on your new listing.

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